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So this isn’t my first fitness post. I wrote about hot yoga a million years ago. And I collaborated with Athleta last year to bring you some work-out outfit to everyday wear inspiration. However, today’s post is a little different – despite being married to a football coach and constantly being around sports 24/7 – what do I actually do to better my own physical health? Well I go in spurts. I love Yoga, Barre Class and walks around the lake – but I was searching for something more. My girlfriend, Lindsay, was having incredible results at a new local studio and introduced me to my first class.


Orangetheory Fitness


It was challenging – my muscles were sore – but I already looked forward to my second class. Something about the high-intensity training kept me guessing about how far could I push myself and how much stronger could I feel? Fast-forward three months later and I still look forward to each class. Different exercises and rotations keep things from getting mundane and the trainers are incredibly motivational (Including their awesome taste in music).





I had the opportunity to chat with Kristie Shifflette, Triangle-area franchise owner of Orangetheory Fitness.


Kristie, did you see a real need for Orangetheory in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) area?

Absolutely! There hasn’t been anything like Orangetheory Fitness in the area until now. Orangetheory Fitness offers a unique experience unlike any other workout class you’ve ever taken. The physiology behind our workout is “Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption,” or EPOC. By providing participants with a heart-rate monitor and broadcasting the percent increase in heart rate on big screens in the studio, our trainers can monitor your five-zone interval training sessions. It’s truly a high-tech workout! And this allows trainers to better direct you throughout the workout – when you need to work harder, and when you should recover – so that you can really optimize your entire workout to the fullest. During each 60-minute class, participants perform multiple intervals designed to produce a combined 12 to 20 minutes of training at 84 percent or higher of your maximum heart rate, also known as the Orange Zone. When you do this, you generate the “afterburn” effect, which is when your body continues to burn calories for up to 36 hours after the workout. Participants get real, visible and lasting results burning up to 1,000 calories per class, and some members have lost as much as eight pounds in a week!


What is one thing you’d say to someone worried about getting started with Orangetheory fitness?

I would tell that person not to worry at all because Orangetheory Fitness caters to people at all fitness levels. Whether you’re a walker, runner, jogger it doesn’t matter. You could be at the beginning of your fitness journey or workout all the time and you’ll still see great results and feel healthier because the entire concept is based on tracking your own heart-rate and adjusting the workout to what you need. Some people are hesitant to try OTF because it’s labeled as a high-intensity interval fitness class, and they think they have to be a top athlete to participate. But that’s just not the case. Let me use Jim, a member at OTF La Jolla, as an example. Jim is 70 years-old and lost 30 pounds after being a member for just five months. Jim is such a great example that OTF is truly for everyone! We cater to all ages, all fitness levels, all shapes and sizes.


I can attest to all of what Kristie said. I am not a runner – yet, I find myself reaching the “all-out” level on the treadmill. The row-machine was new for me and I find myself getting better at it with each class. And there is no doubt I continue to be pushed to up my weight on the strength floor! I stay engaged with the pod concept – because it is like a game – I want to make sure I’m “in the orange” for the correct amount of time!

And even more awesome news for anyone living in the area – Kristie is opening another Orangetheory in Chapel Hill! You can even catch the grand-opening celebration this Thursday!


5 5x8 5GrandOpeningInvite_ChapelHill

You can connect with Orangetheory Fitness Chapel Hill on Facebook, and Twitter. Follow this link and fill out the form or call (919) 883-9424 to learn more about membership rates – discounted founders’ rates will be gone once the studio opens: http://www.orangetheoryfitness.com/chapel-hill.

*OTF Images courtesy of OTF Morrisville Facebook Page





I was looking back at old posts earlier today dreaming of a Fall that was much cooler and I had the opportunity to wrap up in cozy sweaters. In NC, it still feels like Summer. Now – I’m not complaining. It could be much, much worse – like snow from October to April. But there is still a part of me that looks forward to dressing like I did below:


Mia Maree Simple


Dress: Target // Shoes: Sole Society // Glasses: Prada // Bracelets: BSTRONG, Fitbit, Pandora


It has been unusually warm this Fall! As much as I miss the bright colors of Fall – I have still enjoyed the warm day that are sandal-worthy!

Sunday nights are usually quiet enough to enjoy a little me time. I usually like to prepare for the week ahead whether that is painting my nails and/or using a moisturizing mask. In the past year I’ve paid much more attention to my under-eye area. It’s like 27 hit and dark circles formed! I have found by using a creamy under-eye  moisturizer, I can see a big difference in how “awake” I look!

With my new found interest in battling dark circles – I was thrilled when Catherine from Honest Hazel contacted me about her under eye treatment gels. Their website claims to transform tired eyes to youthful and fresh! This is exactly what we are all searching for, right?


And it may be my marketing background – but I’m a sucker for great packaging.


Mia Maree Honest Hazel 3



Mia Maree Honest Hazel 2


Directions were clear and easy to understand. The gels were smooth and cool. I left them on about 30 minutes and was left with refreshed feeling skin. Because of all the moisturizing goodness, I was unable to put the gels on and multi-task, they would slide down my face. So it was the best excuse to lay down and enjoy for 30 minutes. I consider that a win.


Mia Maree Honest Hazel



I highly recommend taking some time out of your week to pamper yourself!





*this is a sponsored post – all thoughts, opinions and dark eye-circles are my own!

Mia Maree Pearls 2


Mia Maree Pearls

Blazer: F21 {similar} // Tank: H&M // Leggings: Target // Pearls: {similar} // Shoes: DV {similar} // Glasses: Prada // Earrings: Kate Spade



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