Mia Maree Sweet Summer



Mia Maree Sweet Summer 2





Mia Maree Sweet Summer 4



Mia Maree Sweet Summer 3

Jumpsuit: TJ Maxx {another summer favorite} // Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger // Necklace: Baublebar // Glasses: Prada


For me – this summer is all about relaxation. I still don’t have the summer “off” by any means – but I am determined when I have the opportunity to relax I am going to take it! This mentality will be seen in my choice of clothing as well. I want pieces that offer comfort and ease. Yet – a bold print or bright color always puts me in the best of moods. My husband and I are about to log quite a few miles visiting family and enjoying vacation – so I need something I can pack and get around in easily.



Mia Maree Tropical Floral


Mia Maree Tropical Floral 2


Mia Maree Tropical Floral 3


Mia Maree Tropical Floral 4 Dress: c/o eshakti // Wedges: Guess {similar} // Hat: Target // Sunnies: Cole Haan


The Summer heat has arrived in NC. As I walked out my door this morning I was hit with thick humid air. As much as I love warmer weather, this sticky heat makes me long for the cooler fall days. But the weather does give me an excuse to live in light, breezy sundresses every day. This dress from eshakti is very light, classic cut and made in fun floral print!


Another summer life-saver? Sea Salt Spray. My hair runs a bit wild this time of year, but I have found this sea-salt spray not only smells delicious, but gives me a great excuse to leave my hair down and wind-blown.




*I was gift this dress from eshakti.com. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Keith and I had the chance to visit my sister and her husband out in Portland over Memorial Day weekend. It was such a great trip – when we eventually got there! I can share more on that later. We did tons of hiking, drinking coffee and enjoying Portland fare. It did rain – just about every day, so my hair wasn’t the biggest fan of this trip. But I wanted to share with you some of my favorite shots of the trip. Excuse my rookie photography skills - 


Mia Maree Oregon 2  Salt Water Taffy was a must at Cannon Beach. Bins and bins of a variety of different flavors!


Mia Maree Oregon 3  Gorgeous blooms at the beach


Mia Maree Oregon 4


Mia Maree Oregon 5  Darling coffee shops on every corner


Mia Maree Oregon 6  Lots of hiking! I hate heights – but enjoyed the views. I didn’t take our camera on these hikes, so you can catch a glimpse from cell phone shots on my instagram. We hiked Angel’s Rest. Yes – that translates to HIGH.


Mia Maree Oregon 7  I’m so used to beaches with bikinis, sunscreen and most important SUN. This beach, one of the most gorgeous I’ve seen, was freezing. Go figure. 


Mia Maree Oregon 8


Mia Maree Oregon 9  Macy & Kaleb


Mia Maree Oregon 10


Mia Maree Oregon 11  Best friends!


Mia Maree Oregon 12


Mia Maree Oregon 13


Mia Maree Oregon 14  Wine tasting at Ardiri Winery. Gorgeous views. 


Mia Maree Oregon 15  Delicious lattes everywhere!


Mia Maree Oregon 16  Such a cool aspect of Portland. All branding is very trendy, awesome fonts. I’m no expert, but I can imagine graphic artists have a heyday with this area. 


Mia Maree Oregon 17


Mia Maree Oregon 18  Not a lot of time or opportunity for OOTD shots. Plus it drizzled a majority of the time. So I either had on hiking clothes or I threw on a fedora and aviators and tried to fit in with the cool kids. Portland is WAY cooler than me.


Mia Maree Oregon



Mia Maree Blue Suede Shoes 4


Mia Maree Blue Suede Shoes 2


Mia Maree Blue Suede Shoes 3


Mia Maree Blue Suede Shoes

Blouse: c/o Zamrie // Jeans: Paige {c/o Nordstrom} // Shoes: Topshop // Necklace: Tiffanys // Purse: Rebecca Minkoff {same style} // Glasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs // Bracelets: BSTRONG


My husband and I are preparing to move in July – so our days are filled with errand running and bank visits. Dressing comfortable is a must and I love the soft colors in this look. Now don’t get me wrong – I love to run around in heels and a more glamorous look, but isn’t it a funny thing…your husband specifically points out the casual outfit and says it is one of his favorites? Men are funny. And strange. But I guess I’ll add this look more in my rotation ;-)


Mia Maree Forget Me Not 2


Mia Maree Forget Me Not

Blouse: Target // Jeans: H&M // Shoes: Topshop // Glasses: Prada // Lips: MAC Ruby Woo

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