Last week I attended Lucky FABB in NYC. I can’t wait to share pictures and my experience next week on the blog – but I wanted to share one theme that seemed to be underlying in every. single. presentation. Be Nice. Simple as that. But it was profound.

Be a nice girl. You know what a mean girl is and we’ve all been surrounded by some. Hey, we may have even been that girl before. But what is the point? Whether in your personal life or professional life you have an opportunity to show kindness to all your peers. Take it.

I see this struggle constantly at the corporate level. Why are women in constant competition to be at the top? Why can’t we work together to get there – like some argue men do. Why when competing do we resort to being catty and rude? Or standoff-ish. Why do some women feel the need to spend valuable time in their days cutting down others – we see this TOO often in the blogging world. We’ve all been burned by mean people, people doing mean things – but don’t let that prevent you from being nice. 

This isn’t to say I want you to be walked over. I want you to be the better person. (My mom will be so proud this finally sunk in!) I have found myself needing to be stern in both my professional and personal life, but there is a very big difference between being strong and being mean. Plus – what type of impression do you want to leave on others? I’d like to think my peers consider me a nice, caring person. (And hopefully some days a little more fun than boring!! ha!) Who doesn’t like a nice person? Have you ever woke up and said – nope I do not want to be her friend she is nice. No. That doesn’t happen. 

Support each other, help each other, converse with one another. It all helps us achieve more goals.

Personally, I’m drawn to nice people. I just want to squeeze them. It feels good to be surrounded by all kinds of friendliness and it continues to inspire me. 

So let’s be nice. Be genuine. All of us. Spread that message.