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2013 Style Resolutions: Stripes, Monochromatics and Double Jewels

I am terrified of stripes, specifically horizontal stripes. Everywhere you look you will see them this upcoming season. So, my goal is to work them slowly into my wardrobe and find pieces that are flattering on my body shape and that I feel comfortable with. 


I absolutely love a gorgeous monochromatic look. I’d like to incorporate more monochromatic looks into my closet. I need to retrain my eye to look for those pieces rather than jumping away from exact colors. 

Layered Jewels

I am just crazy about layered jewelry. We all love a good arm party, but I am more intrigued with layered necklaces. It takes a few simple accessories to one show-stopper
These are three trends I am going to work at incorporating into my style aesthetic. Like any trend, I will be trying these trends in any way that I feel most comfortable. Do stripes make you uneasy? Try a striped accessory. Does layered jewelry feel like too much? Start with smaller pieces. These are your goals to set, have fun with them!


Creative Cash Gift

Need a last minute creative gift for your family? My mom was “pinteresting” and found a great way to give her nieces and nephews a cash gift!

Determine how much money you are gifting and get that amount in $1 bills. Roll each bill and tie with ribbon.

Attach the below poem to the sack of money and you are done!

*Inspired by Pinterest

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Mini Gingerbread Donuts

This weekend I put Pinterest Inspiration to the test! I found this recipe from Pinch of Yum and boy was it good! I was nervous to take on a donut recipe, but since these were baked, they were easy! I did need to find a cute mini donut pan and I found one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. What can’t I find at that store? Here are my donuts…
Now head on over to Pinch of Yum for the recipe and her photos are much prettier to look at…but I’m pretty sure they tasted the same…yummy!