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Bryce Thomas

This is one of my favorite photos of my nephew Bryce. He is a perfect, beautiful peanut.

I’ve have had the opportunity to meet such wonderful people in the blogging community, I wanted to share with my dear friends my nephew’s struggle that has been on my mind, as well as my family’s mind, every single minute, of every single day, for the past few months.


Bryce Thomas, at 5 1/2 months, was diagnosed with Krabbe Leukodystrophy, a rare and terminal genetic disease. With Krabbe, Bryce does not produce a key enzyme known as galactosylceramidase and this affects the growth and maintenance of myelin. The lack of this enzyme results in demyelination and an excess of globoid cells, which are toxic. As a result, children with Krabbe slowly lose their motor functions, have seizures and muscle spasms, and go blind and deaf before losing their life. The average life expectancy of a child diagnosed with the early infantile form of Krabbe is 13 months.


I can’t begin to put into words the range of emotions I have experienced and have witnessed my husband experiencing. Knowing the amount of pain my brother and sister in law are feeling is excruciating. This is all so unfair. However, I feel so fortunate to witness such an amazing little boy exert so much strength, fighting for his life, each and every day. His story is inspiring. His parents, Kyle and Jenna, are inspiring. I have so much admiration for how they have handled every aspect of this horrible situation, all for the love of their little boy. They are rockstars. 


Why am I sharing this on the blog? I think the power of social media can be used for good. I’ve seen it done and have no doubt people in this world will continue to use it for good. For example, Keith has had the opportunity to work with wonderful young men at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Last month, the Tarheels took on the Cincinnati Bearcats in the Belk Bowl. Starting Quarterback, Marquise Williams, spoke with the media about Bryce and dedicated his game to him. WRAL published a story on Marquise and Bryce “When Football Takes a Back Seat.”


See Marquise’s blue band? That is his BSTRONG band. We all wear one for Bryce. Marquise and several members of the UNC Football team wore theirs during the game. These special players also took to twitter and raised awareness for our nephew out of the kindness of their own hearts. Keith and I will be forever grateful. 
This is Uncle Keith and Bryce minutes after they got to meet for the first time last summer. Like many of you, we live hundreds of miles apart from our family – and specifically in times like this, we feel the distance.
Both families have created a website – - you can go and follow Bryce’s story, support the family financially and ultimately raise awareness for such a rare and awful disease. We are raising money to support Bryce’s parents, two public school teachers, with growing medical costs, measures to keep Bryce comfortable and content and anything else they find themselves needing during this time. There is also information on the website on how you can get your own BSTRONG band.
I ask for you to keep my nephew in your thoughts and prayers and pray for the continued strength of his mom and dad. Please share with friends and family.


Next to Me

I have a “thing” that I associate certain songs with certain people.

My best friendKeg in the Closet – Kenny Chesney

My sistersEverything’s Right – Matt Wertz (But who am I kidding? We’ll dance to anything)

My momMama’s Song – Carrie Underwood

Football Season…yes, football season get’s its own song, two actually… Lighters – Bruno Mars // Boys of Fall – Kenny Chesney

But my husband has racked up quite a few songs on my playlist. Every time I hear a new one, I bombard him with it. I can’t help it, it makes me think of him!

So today, on his 32nd birthday…I am sharing with him and all of you guys my new favorite

Happy Birthday Baby. I’m a lucky girl to have you always “next to me.”


Why I Won’t Be Taking My Husband Back to Nordstrom

So this is a short story about why I will not be taking this guy, my husband, back to Nordstrom ever ever again.

Earlier this week Keith and I needed to run some errands and while we were at the mall, I asked him if he wouldn’t mind if we browsed around a bit. He was game. We browsed shoes, make up and jewelry at Nordstrom making our way to the sunglasses counter. I began to try on a few pairs of Prada sunglasses I’ve had my eye on and Keith was able to give me his honest opinion which pair he liked best. I can always depend on his honesty.
We were having a lovely afternoon…until “my financial advisor” decided to make an appearance. See Keith coaches football for a living, but it astonishes me every single day he didn’t go into finance. He loves working on our home budget. You should see the color coded spreadsheet. Have you seen that G&B episode with Bill’s budget for Giuliana? I can guarantee you have nothing on this spreadsheet BillUnfortunately most of my purchases end up in the “want” column, not the “need.” 
Well someone isn’t used to spending a couple hundred on a pair of sunglasses, so he harmlessly asked the nice lady at the counter – “Do these ever go on sale?” 
Oh babe. 
No, Prada doesn’t usually hit the blue light special. 
So me and my new friend at the counter laugh it off with me saying “oh isn’t that the perfect husband question?”
But my financial advisor doesn’t decide to stop there, despite my “please no more comments” look.
Keith: “Well how about those coupons you send out, would those work?!”
Now the lady at the counter gets flustered, eyes us strangely and said “well, WE don’t do coupons?” 
Me – mortified. I just walked straight out the store. 
Keith: Was that a dumb question?
Me: Yes, you are thinking of Macys. Now I can’t show my face back in Nordstrom, thank you. (Yes, I was a little dramatic)
Keith: Well I guess I did my job then.

ahhh husbands.


Macy’s Shower

A few weekends ago my mom, my sister and I put on a bridal shower for my youngest sister Macy! We were able to have it in Nebraska at my Granny’s house so all of Macy’s closest friends could attend! We convinced Granny to let us use all of her gorgeous china patterns that made for a soft vintage theme! Here are some pictures to share…

Marlo running Bridal Jeopardy
Gorgeous Bride – Macy

Delta Gammas

Macy, my mom and her MIL

Macy and Granny



How do you get your husbands to eat that stuff?

Alright my roommate/husband is the pickiest eater known to mankind. Seriously. I know 4 year olds who eat better than he does. When we first started dating, it was the worst! Now, I will give him credit where much credit is due…he has grown his taste and will eat things he never dreamed of eating before. Like avocado…who hates avocado?

My first experience trying to get him to eat a healthy substitute, I tried sneaking it into a normal meal. I made spaghetti with meat sauce. Instead of ground beef, I used ground turkey. Oh the horror. I couldn’t tell the difference, it didn’t look any different. So when he came home from work I set it in front of him thinking I might just get away with this. After his first bite…”Mia, what is this? This is not beef.” Oh ok macho man. Busted.

Well this got me thinking as I came across this post this week, how would I ever get my husband to eat that?! He would see the orange and the sauce and freak out! It’s too bad, because it looks oh so delicious to me!

Well…I finally surrender and figure…this is what I have girlfriends for. My girlfriend Lindsay made me the most insane dinner this week. Hamburgers with smoked provolone, basil mayo and sauteed onions and mushrooms. For sides she had a cucumber salad with tomatoes, feta and red wine vinegar and soft homemade pretzels with pimento cheese. I was in heaven. 

Let’s all go nudge her for the recipe!