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The Apparating Beanie

I am now asking myself if apparating is a real word…or is it a word from Harry Potter? Hmm…I do not know. But the point I’m trying to get across is that this beanie appeared out of no where!


I, being the best wife ever, agreed to cheer on my husband’s team this evening in the mountains of Virginia freezing my tail off. I will be taking a bus this afternoon and will arrive before kick-off. I will be taking a bus three hours back and hopefully get into my nice warm bed by 4:00am. Lucky me!

However, last night as I was gathering the warmest clothes I own, I realize all of my hats or beanies were in the garage. No big deal, I’ll just grab the opener and find them. Well our garage is detached since we are in an apartment complex. So the only way in is through this little bitty opener. And where is that little opener? Oh that is right…locked in my husband’s car all the way on campus. And he was in Virginia. Ugh.

Well that is ok, if I time out my schedule just right I can make a quick stop at Target to grab a new hat on my way to meet the bus. And as if my husband was standing in the living room as I was sharing this thoughta UNC beanie, that I have never seen before in my life, appears on my kitchen table! All. by. itself. 

It’s like the ghost of Keith Heckendorf was telling me “Woman, do not step foot into a Target. Here you go. Use my beanie.” 

Well ghost of my husband…thank you for taking care of me…and thank you for blocking my trips to target…I think?


Football Saturday // Marine Surprise at ECU Game

There are many ups and downs to the football profession, a career path my husband chose. But when I came across this video early this week I was reminded of all the things I love about football, number one being the sense of community and the way the game brings strangers together to cheer for one goal.

So on this Football Saturday morning, I’d love to share this video with you and wish the best of luck to all the teams you’ll be cheering for today!


Portland – Trip to Cannon Beach

Our last day in Portland was a gray rainy one, but we still wanted to make the quick trip to Cannon Beach. I’m so glad we did. This little spot reminded me of a ski town set right next to the ocean! Very rustic and beautiful. Its unfortunately it was so cold and windy because we could of hung out by the water all day! We had a delicious lunch of fried prawns and chowder. I definitely had to indulge in some salt water taffy! The husband even reaped those benefits by the large bag I flew home with me!
It wasn’t a trip without a quick stop at Stumptown Coffee. I had the most delicious raspberry hazelnut scone ever!


Portland – Downtown and Saturday Market

Yesterday I shared with you our trip to the Nike Campus and Wedding errands. Today I want to share with you some photos of us bouncing around downtown Portland. It sure was chilly and rainy during our trip. I hope to go back when I can explore downtown and walk everywhere when it is nice and sunny! We got to see the Saturday Marketing, enjoy a Maple Bacon Donut from VooDoo Donuts, shop at Powell’s books, and get some ice cream from Salt and Straw! I tried some Pear and Blue Cheese ice cream, sounds gross…but it was delicious! My favorite spot? VooDoo Donuts Glitter Brick Walls!
And we ended our day at the Portland City Grill. Good food and amazing views of the city!
Tomorrow I’m sharing my last day in Oregon and we went to Cannon Beach!