This blog is the “Cherry on Top” in my life. It is something I keep coming back to and I miss it when I’m away. I want to turn it into a place I enjoy being in and others enjoy its companionship. 


Over the years I’ve focused on styling. I still love to style. But I have found myself branching out…styling an outfit turned into outfitting a home. Decorating a home turned into finding new ways to organize things. In the hunt for the perfect organization solution I have fallen in love with many new gizmos and gadgets. I want to share all of that with you!


I work full-time for a software firm. I have learned so much about the business world and have networked with amazing career-oriented women. I want to share them with you. How do some of them seem to “do it all”? Tips on how to find work/life balance? We all need that. 



I read lots and lots and lots of books. Some I’d like to share with you – some I’ll throw out the window.


Basically…I’m all over the place and into everything. But that is life – sweet as can be.


That is what this blog will start to reflect. I want to share with my readers the things that bring me joy. And in turn, hopefully you can find a little joy of your own.