Today I am sharing with you what I refer to as my Victory Hour. My husband and I are early risers. He has early morning meetings. Me, I get up because he is often much too loud and I have a terrible time falling back to sleep. I asked myself what MORE could I accomplish with that extra hour or so if I stayed awake?


Most people recommended getting a work-out in. I did try that for awhile. And there was a part of me that loved it because after work, I wasn’t worried about fitting one in if I had another social engagement. However, I didn’t love it to JUST love it. Does that make sense? I didn’t find myself looking forward to that hour in the mornings.


So what else could I do to maximize the hour? 


I am a big reader. I read anything and everything – you can friend me on Goodreads to find that out. So really, I enjoyed curling up with my book and a cup of coffee and letting that early morning hour fly by.


At first, it was any book I was currently working through. Then I found myself gravitating towards books that put me in a great mindset for the day. Whether that be books around growth in my business, professionalism, education or spirituality. I was starting my day immediately by learning and it has had a lasting effect.


As a mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve become a big fan of the Jess Lively Show. In one of her episodes, she discussed what she calls a Champion Hour. Where she tries to fit in anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour each day reading material very similar to what I was reading. I was enamored that she gave it a “name.” It was an actionable hour. I wanted to adapt this concept and make it my own. Hence, my Victory Hour was born.


To me – my Victory Hour represents a moment in time that I crafted and engaged myself into bettering various aspects of my life through something I already enjoyed – reading. To me – that was a Victory. And an empowering way to start off each and every day. My Victory Hour looks a bit different every day – there are times I might have three different books I pull from, from three different themes/genres. It it whatever I need at that moment in time. It always involves a cup of coffee…in bed (brought to me by my husband before he walks out the door, yes you read that right)…with my windows drawn to see the sun come up.


It is now an hour I look forward to every. single. day.



*I’m currently devouring Jon Acuff’s DO OVER. Powerful stuff.