THIS book. I was anxious to read it. So I bought it…and it sat on my shelf for a good seven months…


WHY? I’m not sure. When I eventually started reading, I was just as excited. I think the only thing I could possibly explain was I knew Sophia Amoruso and I are world’s full of different, so thinking deeply what could I possibly learn?!




There is no doubt Sophia and I had very different backgrounds. We hung out with different people, our paths to business couldn’t be more extreme. She wasn’t afraid of being different and/or fired from many jobs. Where I have always wanted to be perfect or was expected to be perfect. I feared failure. (I admit it, I still do!) But I could argue there are days at age 28 where I’m not quite sure I’ve found myself and Ms. Sophia KNOWS her stuff.


Once all of that bias was out of my way, I dug deep into Sophia’s story. I cringed, I laughed, I was in awe and I was motivated. ALL OF THE EMOTIONS followed me in this book.


I wanted to share with you an excerpt from an interview I read that Sophia gave to Fast Company in April 2014:

The reporter asked: “Why the title? (GirlBoss) You’re explicit that it’s a feminist book in certain ways. Why is that important to you?

My story of female empowerment, if you can call it that, comes from rejecting everything that the feminist who works at the bookstore in Portlandia would believe in. That’s like living less of a life. I think it’s more of a challenge to wear a skirt and makeup and be a wife and be a mom and have a job and feel sexy, while also keeping your boyfriend in check and making sure you don’t get treated like shit in the workplace. There’s a difference between making compromises and being compromised, which a lot of women do let happen. 


THIS is what drew me to her. I want to be strong and bold in the workplace, but still be proud of my feminine values. I am proud to be a wife, but I am even prouder my husband respects my wish to have a career. I hope to be a mom someday, but still hope I can be a career role model to my children. I truly believe you do not have to sacrifice one for the other. There may be compromises along the way, but in the big picture women, if they should wish, should strive to have both.


I wanted to give you an example of three things I took away from the book, even though I could write all day about what I’ve learned! I’ll let you read it for yourself!


- The Four Worlds Thou Shalt Never Mutter – “That’s not my job” This alone is powerful. It is amazing to me how entitled youth are today. Be passionate in your job. Dig in and give it all you got. There are plenty of times you need to climb the ladder. Any job you are given – give it your all.


- Cover letters. I was surprised to hear how important Sophia thought they were. I believe they are a bit of a dying breed. However, I do agree with her it is the first opportunity you have to show creativity!


- “Money Looks Better in the Bank Than on Your Feet” – oh…for someone who loves to shop this sunk in. I have been really trying to re-evaluate what I personally spend the past few months. I imagine it is the same thought process I would want to have come naturally if and when I own my own business. Always live within your means. And keep working hard to live the way you want.


I highly recommend this book for women up and coming in their professions. Whether you can relate to Sophia or not, a variety of point-of-views can only benefit you!