in my shoes


A few years ago I had the opportunity to hear Tamara Mellon speak at Lucky FABB. I picked up her memoir with every intention of reading it right when I got home. But as what happens to several of my books, it gets put on my bookshelf and I forget about it. Plus I had read a few reviews and I wasn’t overly thrilled with the book’s reception.


Fast forward to today. I have set a goal to get through these “forgotten” books and I felt like this book would fit in nicely with some of the other business memoirs I’ve read lately. The reason I am highlighting it in this post is…I ENJOYED IT. I completely disagree with the reviews I read beforehand.


Tamara Mellon may have took some time finding herself…but once she did, she was a hard-working entrepreneur that took great pride in the company she co-founded. One of the biggest complaints I kept reading about this book was she was entitled and another story of a “poor little rich girl.” Did Tamara come from means? Yes. Did that possibly make some situations more easy for her? Well…I’d argue easy is the wrong word. Did she have funds available? Yes, but obtaining what she did was anything but easy.


Tamara’s story is sprinkled with hurdle after hurdle. Whether it was business parter gone crazy or personal family tragedies…Tamara found herself constantly fighting for the company she loved and having to pick up the pieces of her family and move on strongly for her daughter. I think Tamara’s memoir is inspiring to anyone who is or strives to be an entrepreneur who also is a great example of a woman wanting the best for her company and her daughter.


I wish Tamara nothing but the best with her new venture and line: Tamara Mellon.