So this is a short story about why I will not be taking this guy, my husband, back to Nordstrom ever ever again.

Earlier this week Keith and I needed to run some errands and while we were at the mall, I asked him if he wouldn’t mind if we browsed around a bit. He was game. We browsed shoes, make up and jewelry at Nordstrom making our way to the sunglasses counter. I began to try on a few pairs of Prada sunglasses I’ve had my eye on and Keith was able to give me his honest opinion which pair he liked best. I can always depend on his honesty.
We were having a lovely afternoon…until “my financial advisor” decided to make an appearance. See Keith coaches football for a living, but it astonishes me every single day he didn’t go into finance. He loves working on our home budget. You should see the color coded spreadsheet. Have you seen that G&B episode with Bill’s budget for Giuliana? I can guarantee you have nothing on this spreadsheet BillUnfortunately most of my purchases end up in the “want” column, not the “need.” 
Well someone isn’t used to spending a couple hundred on a pair of sunglasses, so he harmlessly asked the nice lady at the counter – “Do these ever go on sale?” 
Oh babe. 
No, Prada doesn’t usually hit the blue light special. 
So me and my new friend at the counter laugh it off with me saying “oh isn’t that the perfect husband question?”
But my financial advisor doesn’t decide to stop there, despite my “please no more comments” look.
Keith: “Well how about those coupons you send out, would those work?!”
Now the lady at the counter gets flustered, eyes us strangely and said “well, WE don’t do coupons?” 
Me – mortified. I just walked straight out the store. 
Keith: Was that a dumb question?
Me: Yes, you are thinking of Macys. Now I can’t show my face back in Nordstrom, thank you. (Yes, I was a little dramatic)
Keith: Well I guess I did my job then.

ahhh husbands.